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Acting as a global link to Asia, EI Global is able to remove multiple layers from product development. By doing so, EI Global brings unparalleled value, efficiency, reliability and speed to a complex endeavor.The wholly owned international presence, in Shanghai, was established to better manage sourcing, product development, production, quality, logistics and international global sales. EI Global believes constant awareness is the key to successful production. In-house inspectors perform factory audits as well as on-going product inspection for function, appearance and toxicological testing ensure a seamless execution.

Buy direct from the manufacturer.

Improve your companies competitive and creative edge. Be one of the first to purchase direct from the source. Be a creative leader. We have no product limitations.You dream it-we will make it! We manufacture unique products that will enhance brand identity, reinforce corporate initiatives, promote new products, build customer loyalty and generate excitement. HUGE cost savings!  Expand your marketing budgets from 30%-50% to reach more clients. 50 years experience in product development, design, manufacturing and logistics. We work within your budget to build and design products specifically for your target audiences.

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Customer service representative (CSR)

Our expert Product Development Team will assist you in developing a program for your company that offers quick service, efficiency, and value. Click here to contact a Customer Service Representative.

Customer support and satisfaction is our goal.

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